Collaboration Activities

Your group will have 20 minutes to collaborate and make a decision. One person in each group will open up a Google Doc and record the group information. All group members names will be put at the top of the Doc and then it will be shared (submitted) to your teacher. You must state your answer and the reason for your group's decision, as well as answer all of the Discussion Questions.

1. Survival Shopping

Your team has been selected to in space to the planet Mars and back. You must determine the size of rocket and engine and amount of fuel you require to make this journey. Determine how long this journey will take. (Use NASA data from moon landings and recalculate for extra distance to Mars). You will also have a supply of oxygen, food and water provided on your space craft and you will each be issued two sets of clothing. Your team is allotted only $200 to buy anything else you will need or want in the space capsule. You must all agree on the items and cannot go over the allotted dollar amount. You may use an online shopping site such as or, etc. You will have 20 minutes to make your decisions, and then the group must report back to present their final itemized list on a shared Google Doc. The group should explain why they chose each item, the cost, and the value it would bring to the overall mission.

Discussion Questions:
- What kind of rocket? Size of engine? Amount of Fuel?
- Did everyone on your team agree on what to spend your money on?
- If all were not in agreement, how did you finally come to a decision?
- Was it difficult to make decisions as a group? Why or why not?
- What is the best way to make decisions when in a collaborative group?

2. Have a Heart

Your group is works for a medical insurance company which reimburses the hospital for surgical costs. Your committee must make a very important decision which is in the best interest of the insurance company. Seven patients at the hospital are in a life or death situation in need of a heart transplant. There is only one heart donor at this time located in Austin Texas, and all seven heart patients are eligible to receive this heart. All are physically able and all have compatible tissue and blood typing. How much money does a heart transplant cost? Which patient would your committee choose to invest the money in to receive the heart? All members of the committee must agree on the choice. You must search the internet for medical data about heart transplants, costs, and which ages/races fare the best over time. Next, you must book the fastest airline flight from Austin Texas to Raleigh/Durham Airport - must include Airline name, Flight Number and Any connections to made. Insurance company requires the airfare to be the lowest amount possible. You will have 20 minutes to make your decision and find your flight.

Patient Waiting List:
- 61 year old male; African American, brain surgeon at the height of his career; married, no children
- 12 year old female; Vietnamese; accomplished violinist, care taker for severely disabled brother
- 40 year old male; Hispanic, teacher, married, 2 children
- 15 year old female; White, unmarried, 6 months pregnant
- 30 year old male; Muslim priest, US Army Officer
- 17 year old male; African American, scholar-athlete, accepted to Duke University on full athletic scholarship
- 48 year old female; White, AIDS researcher, widow, 3 children

Discussion Questions:
- What was the committee's decision?
- What decision making process did you use?
- How was the decision influenced by your values? prejudices? medical data?
- Are you satisfied with your decision?

3. Revenue Roundup

You are an elected representative on the town council. Your committee has $10,000 in the budget to spend on a community improvement project. Several groups have come in front of your committee to request funding for their project. You must decide which project will have the most benefit to the community and to the town as a whole. The entire committee must be in agreement in order to fund the project. For comparison, you should search the internet for information on any of the proposals and how they might have made another town better. You will have 20 minutes to make your decision.

Proposed Community Projects:

- Restaurant and Hotel Owners: Advertising campaign on radio, newspaper, and TV to promote tourism in the town to increase business which in turn will continue to generate tax revenues to spend
- Neighborhood Watch Group: Upgrade all the street lights in the town to LED lights to save tax money and decrease crime at night
- Stay at Home Parents Group: Design and build a park for children in the town to play; includes play ground area, baseball field, soccer field and basketball court; Could bring the town a "Playful City USA" national designation with the town recognized in Washington, DC ceremony by the President and Congress (town has no park at this time).
- Town Bicycle Club: Request to build a 3 mile paved greenway through the town which can be used by walkers, bikers and runners; 1 runner and 3 bicyclists have been hit by cars on city streets in the last 2 years.
- Town Historic Group: Town historic museum is located in a house on the National Historic Register and is in great need of painting and repair. It is the oldest house in the county and is visited by tourists each month. It is also the official "symbol" of the town, on the town seal and letterhead

Discussion Questions:
- Which proposal was the most popular within the group?
- Which proposal was the least popular within the group?
- Did everyone in the group agree with the decision?
- Why did your choice bring the most benefit to the community?

4. House Hunters

You are serving on a Military Veterans Committee that has been given a $250,000 grant. The money is to be used for the purchase of a house for a disabled military veteran and his wife and 3 children. The house that you choose to purchase for the veteran and his family must be located in North Carolina and meet the following criteria: Built after 2008; 2,000 square feet minimum, 1 story, double garage, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, large yard, located near a military base for access to VA hospital, commissary and Post Exchange. You may search the internet for real-estate sites for houses/prices. The entire committee must agree on the house.

Discussion Questions:
- How many military installations are there in North Carolina?
- Near what cities are the bases located?
- Is it difficult to locate a house with specific criteria?
- Did your group have a difficult decision?

5. Catering Conundrum

You are on the catering committee for a local civic organization and you must prepare a meal for large group of 100 people. The meal must consist of 2 meats, 2 vegetables, bread, drinks and desert. You must decide as a group what foods you will purchase and how much (ounces or pounds) of each item you will need to feed the people at this event. You should budget for $5 per person for your food cost. You may use or FEATURED WEEKLY SPECIALS to price your items. Itemize your list with each item purchased, the amount (pounds) purchased, and the total price for each item.

Discussion Questions:
- Is it hard to decide which items to purchase?
- Is it hard to decide how much of each item to purchase?
- Was your group able to agree on the items and how much money to spend?
- Were you able to prepare a meal with your budget?

6. Vacation Time

You and your extended family must choose the best 3 day North Carolina vacation that you can agree upon. Vacation Criteria: The vacation venue must be within a 4 hour drive of Raleigh, NC. (65mph X 4 hours to calculate distance). It must be reasonably priced, have fun activities grandparents, for adults/parents, and for kids to keep them all busy for at least 3 days, there must be a state/national historic site nearby, and there should be hotels and restaurants close by. Your group must all agree on the vacation spot and it must meet all the criteria. You might try or another NC tourism website.

Discussion Questions:
- Was it hard to choose from the many vacation spots in NC?
- Did your group prefer the mountains or the coast?
- Was the group in agreement of the vacation?
- What state historic site was the most popular in your group?