Nuclear Power Plant Meltdowns and Radiation

You will be using a newspaper and magazine database to complete your research on this topic. You must only use the information from the assigned database. You will read articles, and then work with a partner(s) to collaborate on completing this project. You will present your project using Google Docs that you will share with your teacher.

Part 1:

Go to
Click on “High School”
Click on “EBSCOhost” database
Type in your assigned Nuclear Power Plant into the search bar at the top. Select the article(s) you wish to read to search for meltdown and radiation information.
Use Citation Maker to create citations of sources used:

Nuclear Power Plants where incidents have occurred:
Windscale nuclear power plant
Enrico Fermi nuclear power plant
Leningrad nuclear power plant
Three Mile Island nuclear power plant
Pilgrim nuclear power plant
Chernobyl nuclear power plant
Peach Bottom nuclear power plant
Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant
Calvert Cliffs nuclear power plant
Millstone nuclear power plant
Crystal River nuclear power plant
Tokaimura nuclear power plant
Fukushima nuclear plant
Marcoule nuclear power plant

Questions to complete:
Name and description of Nuclear Power Plant:
Date of Incident:
Description of Accident or Incident:
How many people affected, displaced, killed:
Dollar amount of damages caused by incident:

Part 2:

North Carolina Nuclear Power Plants:
Shearon Harris nuclear plant
McGuire nuclear plant
Brunswick nuclear plant

Questions to answer:
In what city is each plant located?
How far in miles is each power plant from Wake Forest?
What is the plan for you and your family if a nuclear meltdown incident occurs?